Upside-Up (green), by Elvira Dayel

Drawing - soft/dry pastel on watercolor paper

7.5” x 13.75” (framed: 9” x 16.25”)

About the Artist:
A Ukrainian native, Elvira Dayel is currently based in San Francisco Bay Area. Elvira works in series of large abstract works of drawings done in soft/dry pastel on paper as well as 3D-printed mixed media sculpture. In her work, Elvira references the 20th century Russian avant-garde, the Constructivism and Suprematism, Matisse’s “cut-outs”, etc. but incorporates her own 21st century voice.

Trained as an artist & an architect, she also work in new media including digital rendering (surface & space visualization) and 3d-printing. Elvira’s work is interwoven between and within the media she uses—which includes: a strong, carefully considered color and bold geometric form, and depictions of the female archetype. The female figure is often placed alone in an invented landscape, color and line announce her presence (her voice, her presence, are loud, vivid, red). Elvira’s process in creating work may be described as a kind of blindness at first. As she works through the drawing there is a moment when all of a sudden there is a slit, a cranny of light which opens up. At this moment the doors of a new vision, a new perception come to the forefront. This opening of the subconscious enables Elvira to create new work manifesting her personal observation of the world.

Elvira was born in 1978 in Izmail, Ukraine. She's resided in San Francisco since 2004.

Elvira Dayel

represented by

Art Attack

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