Expressionist > Forma # 107

The Orbis series is a study on how multiple singular individualities interact with each other to form a greater sum. Wanting encompass the notion of everything while maintaining a personal sense of individuality these works are each a collage of singular photographs. Each portion is taken one at a time an then grouped together to create a greater visual experience. The circle, as an all encompassing symbol of wholeness, represents singular thoughts or actions which themselves are a complete reality. However, when placed beside one another they form a much larger picture. This is just like in the real world were our own individuality is but a small piece of a greater reality. Wether we realize it or not the actions and events in each of our own individual lives culminate with those of others ultimately forming the patchwork of life. Sometimes that may be a harmony other times that be chaos.

Taylor Jorjorian

Born 1985 Taylor Jorjorian is a contemporary photographic artist living and working near Nashville, TN. Aside from an apprenticeship in photography he is predominately self-taught. Taylor's work is created using a blend of philosophy and technique. Believing that photography can be just as freely expressive as painting, sculpture or any other mainstream artistic medium he has spent over 5 years developing his "Liberum Method" for creating photographs. Based on the idea of subject creation rather than subject documentation this method ...

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