Indecision tree


Pieter Bruegel, The Hunters in the Snow
Decision Tree, a basic concept in Machine Learning.
PIETER BRUEGEL, The Hunters in the Snow one of the greatest Renaissance paintings – The meaning of Hunters in the Snow is simply that the man himself is a powerless entity, of no consequence, who is at the mercy of the natural seasons. but it’s also a an ideal of what country life used to be.

Decision tree is a graph that uses a branching/node method to illustrate every possible outcome of a decision. It is one way to display an algorithm. Decision trees are commonly used in machine learning system.

It expresses the poetry of life; man’s quest for meaning and purpose by means of, and beyond, the indeterminacy which marks identity in the contemporary world.

Denis Santelli

Denis Santelli is a French Artist. He holds a Master in Fine Arts MFA from the North French Higher Art School (Ecole des Beaux-Arts). He has participated in several exhibitions and he has been invited in various seminars and talks about art&tech in USA and in Europe. He got involved with Interactive Art, experimenting with algorithm, and sensors. I showed my work at RunMe, le Cube (Fr) and Rhizome. I taught New Media Art at National Higher Art School (Beaux-Arts) ...

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