La Prima Donna

Gerdine Duijsens was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, and studied at the Art Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.

The work of Gerdine Duijsens is a synthesis between figurative and abstract art. Mostly it is abstract with figurative elements. In their unguarded moments, Gerdine displays her characters with a slight derision as their vulnerable and insecure selves, when in their seemingly unobserved moments they briefly try to escape from a world in which status, knowledge, protocols and power keep them prisoner. “There are many opportunities in your life, so you must have the courage to be open. You might not grab everything, but if you do, make it into something.”

Duijsens artworks fit perfectly in the spirit of modern times where people are focused on the exteriors of something or someone. As a result, the creative imaginative power can unfold, which is most important for artist and viewer. An enormous drive and energy is apparent in all her paintings. We recognize the people on the canvasses; they are our families, our friends, acquaintances, or us. They move us and we just can’t help it; a smile wants to appear on our lips. We love them and want to have them with us because they make us happy.

2015 Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2015 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, NL
2015 Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY
2015 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2015 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL
2014 Art Toronto, Canada
2014 Houston Fine Art Fair, TX
2014 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, USA
2013 Galerie Daniel Guidat, Cannes, France
2013 Fondaco Arte Architettura, Rome, Italy
2013 Galerie Patries van Dorst, Wassenaar, Netherlands
2012 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2012 Lille Art Fair, France
2011 Biennale Florence, Italy
2011 Vindemia Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi
2011 Galerie Gerdine, Keulen
2011 HeArt Show, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Gallery Amersfoort, Netherlands
2011 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2010 Fine Fleur Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2010 Gallery Pascale Froessel, Strassbourg, France
2010 The Elephant parade Emmen, Netherlands
2010 Workshop Liliane Fonds, Sri Lanka
2010 Giga kunst Goirle, Netherlands
2010 Mirtos Animal Project
2010 Docters Art Maastricht, Netherlands
2010 Galeria del Arte Breda, Netherlands
2009 Gallery Fondaco, Roma, Italy
2007 Kunsthal Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2007 Museum Bydgoszsz, Poland
2006 Holland Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005 Holland Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2005 Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2004 Galerie Dejavu, Son en Breugel
2004 Holland Art Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Gerdine Duijsens

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