Restaurant le 59 new > 'Notre Dame and Boat', Paris

In the photograph, 'Notre Dame and Boat' a Bateau Mouche glides along the Seine at twilight alongside Notre Dame.The entire scene glows from the last rays of the setting winter sun which is shining upon the buildings and quais and is enhanced further by lights of the Bateau Mouche and street lamps.

zeny cieslikowski

Paris is my favorite city; I first visited the City of Lights in 1969 and subsequently have made many trips to Paris in all seasons, light and weather conditions. Parisian storefronts, restaurants and cafes as well as its sun-dappled parks and fascinating architectural details are the motifs that first interested me. Soon, the colorful, bustling markets and rainy streets and sidewalks became important subjects for my compositions. Photographing the reflections on the wet pavement and myriad windows of cafes and ...

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