Hunter Hiding

While at Recology in 2011, Ferris Plock made paintings that reference Japanese ukiyo-e prints, iconography from pop culture, and other motifs that hold personal significance. These meticulously rendered paintings simultaneously contain an elegant reverence and Plock’s characteristic humor and playfulness. Much like Plock, who had to proverbially hunt and gather at the dump for materials to make his paintings, figures in the works are engaged in their own mythic quests.

Ferris Plock

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The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco is a one-of-a-kind program established in 1990 to encourage the conservation of natural resources and instill a greater appreciation for the environment and art in children and adults. Artists work for four months in studio space on site, use materials recovered from the Public Disposal and Recycling Area, and speak to students and the general public. Over the last twenty-five years, more than 100 professional artists and twenty student artists have ...

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