* Summer Fever > Drift 18

Somewhere between the dusky backwoods bawl and the great redwood forest, our lone navigator sneaks us behind the scenes of the nation, through the highways and secret byways of an America both mythic and ever-present. In a manner not unlike the archetypal tumbleweed, Drift rushes headlong through this world, looking for answers, probably. From new beginnings to played-out stories and matters laid to rest, this iconic series serves as an invitation to ask ourselves just who we are and who we aim to be.

Rowan Daly

I have experienced in life, as I feel everyone must, a kind of moment. Maybe it’s the sunlight breaking through the redwood canopy on a hike I never meant to take, or just the lingering glance of a captivating stranger. In these moments we are shown all of humanity, of time, of space, in an instant. As an artist, I try to make my shutter click in these moments. I want to be able to see all the world in ...

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