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I discovered its beauty for myself in the middle of a cold and dreary Chicago winter, when I took
my chest cold to Los Angeles and landed in Palm Springs, California. Blanketed by the gorgeous
heat of the poolside sun, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, I had a glimpse of paradise. I
don’t remember the name of the hotel, but I’ve never forgotten that feeling of warmth and
peaceful beauty. Little did I know that years later I would have a second home here and that I
would soon learn how much more there is to this iconic resort town than meets the eye of the
occasional tourist. The idea of Palm Springs evokes a well-defined image internationally. This
definition is mostly accurate and, yet, this oasis of Americana is often misunderstood. A few steps
from the resorts and off the main drag, there is a lovely small town with something for everyone –
and a well-lit path to the American dream, whether it is realized in a trailer or an architectural
masterpiece. This welcoming small town, with big city sophistication, has a nostalgic respect for
the past that nourishes the present and continually reinvents itself with hope, determination, and
the belief that everyone is entitled to The Good Life.
I aim to capture and celebrate the majesty in worlds that could easily be overlooked, seen as
mundane, or otherwise misunderstood.

Nancy Baron

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dnj Gallery is a fine art organization located in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station. Every day brings new ideas and ways of looking at the world around us. Art is an outlet for innovation and reflection. dnj Gallery is dedicated to the exploration of artists and their discoveries. The Gallery introduces contemporary works by emerging and established artists, while displaying a broad range of subject matter and techniques.

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