surfer 5

The expanse of water, broad sky, this is the stage where I wanted to fix my tableau; isolate my surfers in space and time, and turn their leisure into something more existential and universal.

Situated in all this airy void, on the very cusp of motion itself, together yet apart, studded like some frozen constellation of waiting and desire, anticipating some large subterranean oceanic force, these surfers all appear to be rehearsing the same improvised drama, subject to the same cosmic imposition of events

Gil Kofman

represented by


dnj Gallery is a fine art organization located in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station. Every day brings new ideas and ways of looking at the world around us. Art is an outlet for innovation and reflection. dnj Gallery is dedicated to the exploration of artists and their discoveries. The Gallery introduces contemporary works by emerging and established artists, while displaying a broad range of subject matter and techniques.

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