Carnival Kids Series 2

My work is a bold explosion of color and wonderment. A wide-ranging influence of styles in art, photography and fashion combined with traditional and pop culture inform my perspective. I am inspired largely by my daughter, who serves as a constant muse in my art, and reminds me that everyday is an opportunity to offer a fresh prespective in my work. My images are bright and lively, and it is clear that I have as much fun making them, as the spectator has viewing them. Through the lens I create strange beauty and satire, eliciting emotional and social responses. Frozen in time through photography, the work becomes a window into a fantastic dream world, drawing in my audience.

My trademarks of color, composition, and lighting are apparent as consistent threads throughout my work. All of these serve as a strong narrative in each piece. Attention to detail and artful manipulation of the medium elevate my work beyond just photography . This process involves the creation of building sets, designing costumes and scouting unique locations. Each element is thought out and carefully placed as part of the story. These sets and locations are installations and a platform for performance art constructed and acted solely by myself and my subjects. Through the addition of characters, my portraits show a deep interest in the unique human expression.

Corey Grayhorse

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dnj Gallery is a fine art organization located in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station. Every day brings new ideas and ways of looking at the world around us. Art is an outlet for innovation and reflection. dnj Gallery is dedicated to the exploration of artists and their discoveries. The Gallery introduces contemporary works by emerging and established artists, while displaying a broad range of subject matter and techniques.

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