Wintour Is Coming

Anna Winter called Vogue your "Glamorous Girlfriend". Well here she is, waiting to judge the fuck out of you. Thriving since its inception in 1892, “Vogue’s” title translates to “an expression of popularity;” fitting for a magazine dubbed as the world’s most influential. Recognized globally for its fashion and lifestyle editorials packed with the “cult of personality” Wintour has built of her opinionated writers, it’s published monthly in 23 national and regional editions. “Vogue” is dressed in silk and fantasy, and the most famous of the ultra glitterati pose in dresses most girls couldn’t dream themselves into; it’s a romance novel and yet it helps define pop culture and society at large. “Vogue” tackles the biggest issues and how fashion affects them. And it’s what inspired the 20-piece collection of mixed media portraits that I have built to highlight the entire catalogue and history of the magazine.

Annie Terrazzo

Born in Breckenridge Colorado, Annie Terrazzo surrounded herself with dreams. Her childhood was unorthodox and chaotic, having been raised by a mother who was a schizophrenic adult entertainer and a father who was a formula one race car driver. This chaos was countered by a large family who, through silversmithing and plein air painting, taught her the value of and method to making beauty in the world. She spent large portions of her time writing plays on an old typewriter, ...

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