Life On Mars

There was a email conversation I was cc'd in with two fans who were entertaining whether I looked like David Bowie in Life on Mars. It was odd as I was drawing that David Bowie at the time and it made me think 1. I do not look like David Bowie and 2. There is something that David bowie and I feel, something I connect with. Something that cannot be explained. To say Bowie has influenced my work wouldn't suffice. I think perhaps I wouldn't be here at all if I had not had his gift. And if that is to broad to say, I without question can say that I would have never had the courage to express my true feelings, my true self, in my art without him. He continues to push me to be better. Ne continues to make me feel... yeah, he continues to make me feel. This work is made from the newspaper clipping of his death (Tuesday papers of that week as nothing was in Monday's) and DB's lyric notes from the V and A museum show in London a few years back.

Annie Terrazzo

Born in Breckenridge Colorado, Annie Terrazzo surrounded herself with dreams. Her childhood was unorthodox and chaotic, having been raised by a mother who was a schizophrenic adult entertainer and a father who was a formula one race car driver. This chaos was countered by a large family who, through silversmithing and plein air painting, taught her the value of and method to making beauty in the world. She spent large portions of her time writing plays on an old typewriter, ...

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