Virginie Mazureau "Les Pissenlits (Dandelions)"

"Les Pissenlits (Dandelions)" is an original mixed media framed painting. It is created with acrylic paint and a a few collage elements.

In the artists words "After a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts and an Interior Designer Degree from ESAG Penninghen in Paris in 1998, my first contract was with an advertising agency to give Malboro Classics flagship stores a total makeover.

A year later, I joined with a lot of pride and motivation L'Oreal, the worldwide group of cosmetics to create artwork at a very intense pace for stands and stores. I rapidly realized that no place was left for what is the most important to me: creativity, imagination and personal accomplishment.

It suddenly clicked. My daughter inspires me and let me spread my wings: going back to childhood was obvious.

Thus in 2006, I swapped my architectural plans to let my paintbrushes express themselves again and to allow my imagination to have free play.

Pigments, acrylics, pastels and collages are some of the techniques I use to create a sophisticated pictorial board to take us to the heart of a poetic and fantaisist story. For fun, I sometimes include real children's drawings or old posters in my paintings for them to get a second wind. I sometimes tweak the traditional angle of some situations, adopting for instance bird's-eye view to give to the whole an unexpected look and feel!

My paintings are picturing animals in weird situations as well as cheecky kids, bringing back childhood memories that we all carry deeply in ourselves."

Virginie Mazureau

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Distinction Gallery was established in 2004 to give beginning and seasoned collectors a venue to purchase high-quality, cutting edge artwork. The primary genres forwarded at Distinction are Contemporary Realism, Surrealism and Urban art with a focus on the figure. In addition to traditional gallery exhibitions Distinction strongly believes in giving back and therefore regularly hosts charity exhibition auctions to co-mingle at-risk teens who work along side professional artists to empower the next generation of artists.

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