Upper Falls

Yosemite's upper falls was photographed by Aaron Goulding in early 2016 showcasing not only the falls but the sheer rock faces that the falls pour down. Yosemite National Park is so spectacular Aaron has fallen in love with this park. He says you would need about 6 months or even longer to really take in all of the views which are ever changing but the second.

Aaron Goulding

Aaron Goulding Photography In 2007 Aaron Goulding decided to marry his two passions, his love for the ocean and his love for photography. He is determined to show the world what he has seen for the past twenty five years in and around the ocean...all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises by the sea, waves, and sea life all from the water, land and air. Residing in La Jolla, Ca. most of his photography captures important landmarks, waves and sea life ...

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