Yosemite Falls Blackout

Yosemite Falls Blackout was photographed by Aaron Goulding at Yosemite Falls on a crisp cool evening just after the area received a power outage. Aaron waited patiently in sub freezing temperatures in complete darkness for over 2 hours to generate this one image. Fearful of Bears and coyotes Aaron retreated back to his lodging just before the power came back on.

Aaron Goulding

Aaron Goulding Photography In 2007 Aaron Goulding decided to marry his two passions, his love for the ocean and his love for photography. He is determined to show the world what he has seen for the past twenty five years in and around the ocean...all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises by the sea, waves, and sea life all from the water, land and air. Residing in La Jolla, Ca. most of his photography captures important landmarks, waves and sea life ...

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