Heather McKey "Hope Sparks"

About the artist: Inspired by her lifelong love for birds and the paintings of Martin Johnson Heade and James Audubon, Heather's work is an intriguing blend of nature and avian surprise. Mixing shells with botanicals, her imaginary birdlife leaves the viewer smiling at the creature gazing back.

Her acrylic paintings on wood use the natural grain to inspire the composition for her design of trees, water and other plants in the scene. Her extensive shell and feather collection offer constant visuals for fashioning her birds in their magical world of dreamy landscapes.

Training began at an early age with private art lessons in the countryside of Ramona, California with pastel artist Judy Nachazel. In a turret of a Victorian home surrounded by trees, birds and wildlife of all sorts, many hours were spent learning in Judy's studio over the years. Although no formal degree, years of practice and input from faithful art mentors including Chris Polentz in college helped guide Heather in her skill and grow. After years exhibiting her award winning colored pencil works, she now works solely in acrylic. Her tiny paintbrushes help capture the details she loves most.

Heather lives in Escondido, California with her husband Nick and their overly fluffy cat, Sasha. Heather paints daily, always planning in her head the next fanciful bird concept in her home studio. Her endearing bird creations are enjoyed in homes across the world.

Heather McKey

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Distinction Gallery was established in 2004 to give beginning and seasoned collectors a venue to purchase high-quality, cutting edge artwork. The primary genres forwarded at Distinction are Contemporary Realism, Surrealism and Urban art with a focus on the figure. In addition to traditional gallery exhibitions Distinction strongly believes in giving back and therefore regularly hosts charity exhibition auctions to co-mingle at-risk teens who work along side professional artists to empower the next generation of artists.

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