Browse our portfolio > Rooftop View from SOMA Grand IV, 48" x 36", oil on canvas

This painting presents the city's rooftop view seen from the 12th floor at SOMA Grand, in San Francisco, which features iconic city buildings such as the Marriott Hotel and the PG&E Power Plants of 6th & Jessie Streets.

Rooftop View from SOMA Grand III was first exhibited in October, 2012, at SOMA Grand's building's lobby during Araujo's Solo Show titled, "The City from SOMA Grand". This exhibition was hosted by Arttitud and SOMA Grand. This painting is featured in Araujo's new book publication, SOMA RISING, which was celebrated at the opening of "The City from SOMA Grand". Rooftop View from SOMA Grand III, was later exhibited during Araujo's solo show, ON THE EDGE OF DELICATE LINES, July-September 7th, 2013 at Alphaville Gallery, in San Francisco and at the Old Mint, for Araujo's solo show "Mid-Market Landmarks" and during SF History Expo in San Francisco, January-March 2015.

The City from SOMA Grand, ARTslant, by Wilma Parker, dated December 12th, 2012.
Patricia Araujo's Paintings of SoMa Show a Neighborhood in Perpetual Flux, Huffington Post, by Aaron Sankin, dated November 19th, 2012.
The unveiling of SOMA Rising by Arttitud, Examiner, by Sophie Azouaou, dated November 7th, 2012.
SoMa towers paint new picture for SF, SF Chronicle, by John King, dated October 30th, 2012.

Patricia Araujo

ARTIST BIO Patricia Araujo was born in Miami, Fl, the daughter of Colombian parents. Her father was an architect at Walt Disney and during his last years he assisted with the development of Epcot Center. Patricia grew up in Bogota, Colombia and since childhood, she was enchanted by architecture and form - drawing arches and entrances, and designing imaginary floor plans. After completing high school in Bogota, Araujo moved to Northern California to pursue her college education. She studied architecture, ...

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