Sao Miguel Azores 3

Although my whole emphasis is on the unseen world of cells and our inner world—I'm inspired by the colors of the earth as seen from outer space because in both cases, we’re looking at enormous magnification differences between the observer and the observed.

I’m showing the landscape of our lives, of life itself. I want people to value their cells. And one of the ways I can think of to get them to value their cells is trying to captivate them with the beauty of their cells. I wanted to reveal how these infinitesimal living cells inside us are so beautiful and so important – and yet, from outer space, we are really so insignificant as individuals.

My artwork explores the two main questions I had as a child that set the course for my life: the first one is, “What makes us tick as humans?” And then the second one is, “What is my place in the universe?"

In search of function and scientific truth, I discovered the heroisim of living cells. I began to see a deeper truth in the invisible world of our own bodies, a world that appeared to bear witness to the human spirit – and perhaps even the essence of the soul.

Una Ryan

represented by

The McLoughlin

The McLoughlin Gallery is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think. A portion of proceeds will benefit Glide and Stanford Breast Cancer Research. The McLoughlin Gallery is an independent enterprise not associated or connected with Stanford University and its activities are not ...

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