Browse our portfolio > Oh Mighty Marriott My Egypt, 50" x 25", oil on panel

Oh Mighty Marriott, My Egypt, presents the facade of San Francisco's Marriott Hotel of 4th and Mission Streets. This hotel rises 39 stories high in the skyline. The building has different looks while viewing from a far. It may look like a jukebox . It may have a robotic influence. It can also be seen as an Egyptian Sphinx! When visiting this hotel, go to its top floor where the restaurant is at, and while there take a look at the magnificent view of the city! This painting reflects a modern look, in bright and sold tones. The title for this painting is inspired by the Precisionist painter, Charles Demuth, of his painting titled, "My Egypt".

Oh Mighty Marriott, My Egypt has not been exhibited since it sold right after it was completed. This painting is featured in Araujo's latest book publication entitled, SOMA RISING.

Patricia Araujo

ARTIST BIO Patricia Araujo was born in Miami, Fl, the daughter of Colombian parents. Her father was an architect at Walt Disney and during his last years he assisted with the development of Epcot Center. Patricia grew up in Bogota, Colombia and since childhood, she was enchanted by architecture and form - drawing arches and entrances, and designing imaginary floor plans. After completing high school in Bogota, Araujo moved to Northern California to pursue her college education. She studied architecture, ...

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