Pull the Pin -- Lamborghinin

“The purpose and meaning behind ornamentation and the process of metamorphosis are the explored themes in my work. In the “Addicted to Luxury” series, the concept goes beyond the literal interpretation, to a more controversial notion that luxury is a healing agent, a panacea to the woes of mediocrity. I’m encouraging the viewer to question the powerful opiate-like effect of luxury goods on the human and cultural psyche.
“Designer Tools” delves further into the contradictions and spiritual quandaries behind a luxury item’s power to entice and seduce using modern utilitarian tools, like chainsaws, nail guns, table saws. These are not tools from local hardware stores but finally crafted, meticulously assembled tools further embellished with leather and precious metals then splashed with the luxury brand’s proprietary logos.

In my work I am also trying to communicate the idea that designer goods are dangerous, yet, I want to explore humanity’s lust for luxury akin to its lust for war. The idea that killing and wanting are the same psychological drives. With “Designer Grenades” these psychological ideas are pushed even further becoming totems of materiality and annihilation.

I am a builder with a lifelong appreciation and love for organic materials. With the “Honey Onyx Stone” series I play with the idea of religious artifact versus luxury commodification – it is a continuing dialogue to discover the meaning behind luxury and ornamentation.

Bruce Makowsky

represented by

The McLoughlin

The McLoughlin Gallery is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think. A portion of proceeds will benefit Glide and Stanford Breast Cancer Research. The McLoughlin Gallery is an independent enterprise not associated or connected with Stanford University and its activities are not ...

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