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I love reading and my artwork is inspired by both original and contemporary Fairy Tale literature. I want to create a world based on the landscapes, mythical creatures, curses, love, and magic that have persisted through centuries of storytelling.

This series of paintings is extremely open-ended. I encourage viewers to imagine what they think is happening between the sharks, mermaids, and men in this group of underwater paintings. My interpretation changes based on my mood...


Monica Rose Song has exhibited work at chashama 300 Gallery, Mark Miller Gallery, Blackburn 20|20 Gallery, Trestle Gallery, the 4heads Governors Island Art Fair, RAW, The Celebration of Whimsy, and WF Gallery. She studied painting and figure drawing in Florence, Italy at Academia Italiana, and graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking along with a degree in Marketing from Fisher College of Business. Monica is a resident artist with chashama and she lives ...

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