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Art Should Be Everywhere

Artists are everywhere and yet so hard to find.
We believe that art should be like music: easy to discover, experience, and purchase.

The SmartGallery

The SmartGallery is a technology that connects any screen to the art communities. Enjoy a rotating art experience on your screens. The creativity of artists is limitless and we are giving unlimited access to it.

Enjoy An Unlimited Access

We partner with artists, art galleries, museums, art marketplace, and many other associations. Our simple subscription grants you an unlimited access to our curated portfolio. Change your art as often as you want.

Easy To Use

Easy to install, our technology can be plugged into any screen with a simple Wifi connection. It takes only 5 min to install.

Web Dashboard

Connect to the curated portfolio
Manage all your screens from anywhere
Upload & display your own content
Schedule any art collection in time

Mobile App

Learn about the artworks
Talk to the artists
Browse the selection
Buy works you love

How can we help you?

The smartgallery experience

Control your art

Choose and change your art collections at anytime to feature your favorite artists or the mood of the day.

Local culture connection

Connect with the artists and galleries in your community, learn what inspires them about your city, and enjoy their creative insights.

Unlimited art collection

Always be able to discover something new. Every day should be a new delight!

How can we delight you?

The Smartgallery starts at $29/month.

Dashboard - Unlimited

Customizable collections

Custom upload


(coming soon)

Home +

Daylighted private exhibitions

Daylighted local art program



Pro +

Access to 24/7 curator

Multiple locations

Social media kit


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